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WACK! Is A Creative Art Company Focusing On Identity Through Fashion.

From Designer Shoes To Hand-Crafted Hats, Our Mission Is To Uplift The Uniqueness Of Each Collector Through Vibrant Color And Personalized Visuals. Apart From Our Store, We Offer A Range Of Services Such As Consultation For Upcoming Artists/Projects And Event Entertainment.

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WACK! is a membership-based project. To access our drops, latest clothing, and more, you must be a holder of an NFT by Camille Chiang.

Each of these collections grants different levels of access to the brand.

Base membership passPlatinum membership passGold membership pass
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Latest Release:

Everything and Everywhare

e_e is a free art airdrop. Each is e_e an AI-generated exploration of human emotion. with every layer, and every property, a poem is generated and accompanied by an array of colors and shapes to create a story once created by hand, then altered by AI

Everything and Everywhare Artwork
Digital Collections

Click below to learn more about each of Camille's NFT projects.
Every NFT is a unique piece of art, hand-drawn, and tokenized.
Each collection is created through the blockchain and is traded with the currency of Ethereum.

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