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e_e is a free NFT collection by artist Camille Chiang. Each e_e is created by weighing exactly 7.53 x 10-10 kilograms of dust and shooting it at a wall. The velocity of this dust must reach exactly 1500 ft/s. At impact, the dust shatters like glass, and the glass particles are the collected and stored for 3 years, The fermented glass is then placed inside an iPad which then displays a unique e_e. The iPad is then dropped off a tall building. As the iPad drops i screams out in terror a poem comprised of all the elements in the e_e. The remains are what you see in your wallet.

sqiggel detail

Every e_e has 5-7 traits, Each attribute represents a different emotion, and or feeling, creating a full story. An Al generated poem is then generated with these traits to create an 8th attribute. An E_E is one of the ten handcrafted NFTs available in this collection. Each one of these not only gives you exclusive access to the WACK! brand and store, but to our on going giveaways and perks.

Each e_e has its own rarity. However, every 2 days a special E_E will be released on our official website, e_e holders will be able to unlock such NFT with a specific combination of e_e's. Once claimed, the E_E will be automatically sent to your wallet.